Guidelines for oral presentations in English

- Please use the Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 or 2010* (*.ppt) or (*pptx), or Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf)

- Images inserted into PowerPoint are embedded into the presentations. Images that are created at a dpi setting higher than 200 dpi are not necessary and will only increase the file size of your presentation.

- In case you have any videos in your presentation - please test your presentation with the on-site PC the day before your presentation. Generally, the MPEG-1 and AVI format should work with no difficulties. Avoid audio in your videos

- Only fonts that are included in the basic installation of MS-Windows will be available (English version of Windows). Use of other fonts not included in Windows can cause the wrong layout / style of your presentation. Suggested fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma.

- Please save your presentation in USB flash drive. Other mediums as Cloud, email, CD - ROM, DVD -ROM will not be supported.

- Please, load your presentation in the PC on-site at least 2 hours before the beginning of your session. In case your speech has been scheduled for a morning session, please load it one day before the day of your presentation. People of the Congress staff will be available for technical support.

- Your own notebook is allowed to use for presentation only after discussion with the technician on-site.

- All presentations will be deleted from all the PCs used during the Congress.

- The day and time of the presentations will be indicated in the final program.